Introduction to CSS and HTML

This curriculum is intended to educate graphic designers wanting to learn web development. This course is an introduction and won’t convert graphic designers into web developers, but will allow them to understand the skills required to convert a Photoshop file into CSS and HTML.

The course material is provided in one downloadable zip file (1.6MB).

The goals of this course are as follows:

  • Learn the limitations and restrictions of the web
  • Keep these limitations in mind when designing Photoshop mock-ups
  • Create better design mock-ups and reduce the amount of time making them
  • Understand developer jargon and thus communicate more easily

Teaching Material

The material provided was created by Christine Rondeau and delivered as 6 3-hour evening classes at Langara (GRPH 1022 : HTML & CSS Level 1).

The 6 week class consist of the following topics:

Lesson 1: Introduction to the web and HTML
Lesson 2: Advanced HTML
Lesson 3: Intro to CSS
Lesson 4: CSS Layouts
Lesson 5: Advanced CSS
Lesson 6: Typography and web enhancements